Travel Agent Monkseaton

 Hi from your friendly Travel Agent Monkseaton. My name is John Dixon and I run Destinations by George!

Destinations by George is a travel agency in Monkseaton, North Tyneside. I have been in travel for many years via my employers but started my own business in early 2000's. My wife Pam and I then launched Destinations by George! It is now a family afair. Fern, our daughter has now joined us.  She has been in travel for nearly 6 years. It's in the blood.

Travel Agent Monkseaton, Passion

What's not to love about travel. This is where my passion lies. How my story began and how I got in to travel in the first place.

There is nothing better in helping people to do what I love. That is helping them to see the world like I have and I continue to do.

Our Family Travels

I started travelling way before I got married and when married had two daughters.  Once we had our girls, we continued that love of travelling with them.

We have been to so many places as a family. Our travels have included:

  • Europe
  • Disneyland Paris
  • Florida
  • Dubai
  • Sri Lanka
  • Dominican Republic
  • New York
  • Las Vegas
  • Alaska
  • Canada
  • Far East
  • Mediterranean

Our visits to the Mediterranean included various different cruise lines. This is one of our favourite places and we will continue to travel her. We just love it!

Opportunities to Travel

Within the job I have been given many opportunities to travel with suppliers to places such as:

  • California
  • The Caribbean
  • Far East
  • Europe

These travels enabled me to experience their hotels, cruises and what the customer experience will be if they travelled there. It was hardship to travel to all these amazing locations.  I did it, just for you! How better to advise you here in Monkseaton, then to sample it myself.

Travel Agent Monkseaton - Advocate of the Month

Silversea, a 5-star luxury cruise line, awarded me Advocate of the Month and I still, to date, continune my trainings with suppliers. In other words I keep up to date with all the changes. Similarly, to make sure we have all the up to date  knowledge.

We have a lot of repeat customers from over the years. Lovely customers have been gained from our partnership with NARPO. There is nothing better than meeting new faces. Nothing better than helping you to build your dream holiday.  Similarly, nothing better than hearing about the fantastic time you have had.

We treat everyone like they are a friend to give them that personal experience. We simply can’t wait to see everyone again!

Keep an eye on our fantastic offers. They change on a daily basis. Sometimes several times within a day! So if you see something you like the look of get in touch!

Make sure you have connected with us on Facebook too.  We share loads of offers on our page and in our group.