Travel Agent North Tyneside

Travel Agent North Tyneside

We are a Travel Agent North Tyneside. The pandemic has massively affected everyone especially travel. But this whole lockdown has brought our passion to make peoples dream holidays even stronger. It has also made all of us all want to do things like travel and go away on holiday even more so than ever. Obviously, this was taken away from all of us. We are ready to get back booking everyone’s amazing holidays just as much as you are looking forward to going! By George we all deserve it after the year we have all had!

Travel Agent North Tyneside Working from Home

We started working from home and it was a change at first but we are lucky, for our business, everything is online.

We can still speak to customers on the phone or by email. The way we contact our suppliers is mainly through email as unsuprisingly many of them are working from home too. By phone and we can still get our lovely customers paperwork out to them as we have all access to our systems from our computers. Thankfully, we have been able to do everything we normally would just in a slightly different way!

Our Amazing Customers

Our customers have really been amazing and supportive throughout this. The support and kindness they have shown us has really made life a lot easier. Things did take a bit longer than normal due to everyone not being in their normal places, but they showed us patience and understanding. For this we are so grateful for.

We can’t wait to see and speak to you all again!

Family Time

I imagine you, like most, probably took for granted the luxuries we all used to enjoy before lockdown. However, I am sure you will agree that there is nothing better than the additional time we have had to share with our families while in lockdown.

It’s the little things you didn’t expect to miss so much.

As a family, we were lucky that we spent lockdown all together. Fern and Oscar moved back in. Sian came back from University.  Looking for a positive in this strange situatioin, we have loved it.  Getting to all see each other. Do you know what? We've had a laugh that we never knew we needed throughout it all.

Getting that quality family time was really special. When working or being in education you miss out on that time, without realising it.  Being all together it has made us want to do more as a family, when we can, even if it is just going out for a walk somewhere, taking the dogs for a walk or sharing a meal. From now on we will definitely treasure our family time more.

Ready for your next holiday?

When you are ready to start thinking and planning your holiday contact us.  We can either assist you over the phone.  You can email us. You can even message us on Facebook.  If you want to come and see us face to face we will arrange that too.

By George! We can't wait to start travelling again!